Appointments can be made by arrangement.
  • knowledge of horses is not required
  • participants do not ride the horses
  • safety standards are maintained

Here are the dates of our day seminars for open coaching session (10.00 am until about 6.00 pm).

Dates 2018

15.09.2018Open coaching - Modul 1
24.06.2018Closed group coaching
23.06.2018Closed group coaching
02.06.2018Introductory coaching
15.05.2018Closed group coaching
05.05.2018Coaching for medical practices
28.04.2018Open coaching - Modul 1
14.04.2018Closed group coaching
13.04.2018Young Talents Coaching
16.03.2018Young Talents Coaching
11.03.2018Closed group coaching
10.03.2018Closed group coaching
03.03.2018Coaching for medical practices
18.02.2018Closed group coaching
17.02.2018Closed group coaching
10.02.2018Introductory coaching
07.01.2018Closed group coaching
06.01.2018Closed group coaching

Dates 2017

25.11.2017Open coaching - Modul 1
11.11.2017Coaching for medical practices
20.10.2017Closed group coaching
14.10.2017Open coaching - Modul 1
11.10.2017Closed group coaching
08.10.2017Workshop awareness und mental strength
07.10.2017Workshop awareness und mental strength
30.09.2017Young Talents Coaching
29.09.2017Closed group coaching
28.09.2017Closed group coaching
27.09.2017Closed group coaching
16.09.2017Coaching for medical practices
19.08.2017Open coaching - Modul 1
02.08.2017Closed group coaching
18.07.2017Closed group coaching
08.07.2017Introductory coaching
01.07.2017Coaching for medical practices
10.06.2017Open coaching - Modul 1
09.06.2017Closed group coaching
31.05.2017Closed group coaching
26.05.2017Closed group coaching
20.05.2017Coaching-Special (group coaching)
12.05.2017Closed group coaching
22.04.2017Open coaching - Modul 1
01.04.2017Young Talents Coaching
25.03.2017Coaching-Special (group coaching)
18.03.2017Coaching for medical practices
18.02.2017Coaching-Special (group coaching)
21.01.2017Introductory coaching