Horse-Assisted Coaching


Horse-Assisted Coaching -
What is it?

Horse-assisted Coaching is the interaction between human, horse and one's own personality, where unconscious processes become visible and tangible.

By building on the strengths of each one, individual approaches for the extension of social skills are found.

These relate for example to:
  • personality development
  • ability to interact
  • communication behavior
  • teamwork


Discover your strengths in a different way!

Our goal is that people perceive, understand and appreciate their behavior through self-awareness. This includes the recognition of differences in self-perception and the perception of others. These experiences can be transferred into private life, as well as into professional life.

We are not trying to work out ´right´ or ´wrong´, but instead we are trying to meet each person at whatever stage they are at, for further development using the help of the horses.