Pferdecoaching Eifel Institute

The institute of Pferdecoaching Eifel deals with specific questions about horse-assisted personality development (e. g. differences between women and men and their way of communication). Pferdecoaching Eifel supports this field of science which is not well researched yet. In cooperation with students, we help to manage and implement research projects or bachelor and master theses with different kinds of persons, either face-to-face or online. You can find the results on this site.

If you are interested in any specific topics about “horse assisted coaching + X”, please let us know.
In 2016, we implemented a research about how the horses react on different coachees. In cooperation with a student from Hochschule Fresenius in Cologne, we analysed videos with over 600 reactions of the horses to the behaviour of the coachees. It was found that the horses as co-trainers react significant differently on the clients.

Coaching special / Research coaching 2017 in cooperation with a master student of the university of Trier

Which kinds of emotions can be created when people get in contact with horses? And what is the individual feeling about their feedback? Are there any connections to the characteristics of the coachees?

Lisa Grewe wants to answer questions like these as a part of her master thesis. Therefore, different questionnaires will be a part of the coaching. Clients will be asked to express their experiences about working with the horses. If the coachees are interested in getting an individual feedback it will be send to each participant.

Price: € 350,- (incl. an analysis of the videos, snacks & drinks, pre- and follow-up-coaching by telephone, creating and sending an individual feedback letter); bookable as an individual or team coaching (max. 6 coachees)