What our customers say about us:

"This Coaching was a beautiful experience. I enjoyed it very much and both the horses and the coaches´ subsequent analysis clariefied what one is capable of. It´s up to oneself to implement the knowledge gained in everyday life. Absolutely recommended!"
Jennifer Becker, press and publicity work, NETCOLOGNE

"As most successful organizations realize, team work is key to their success. And a successful team is comprised of individuals who can see themselves and others for who they really are. I can't think of a better way than the horse-assisted coaching process I took part in at the Pferdecoaching Eifel facility in Germany. Their system using horses was a most effective way for people to see themselves for who they really are."
Perry Kohne, President Wycom Systems, Inc

"After the overcome of scepticism and going along with the horse-assisted coaching, further potentials can be found to develop one´s own personality. The coaches´ and horses´ immediate and honest feedback, combined with the following analysis, provide an outstanding and unique setting for a coaching. The warm ambiance which runs through the whole horse-assisted coaching rounds off the total package in a very positive way."
Deni Galijaš, student and tennis coach

"It was one of the best and most impressive trainings that I have ever experienced. Like a mirror the trainers (human and animals) showed me, which reactions my behavior is causing. For this a big thank you."
Michael Basten, head of sales support and coordination, Postbank

"It's amazing how accurately the horses detect the inner attitude and reflect it with their behavior. Thank you for an interesting view from an unusual perspective on our long-standing team. The workshop is effective and above all: sustainable!"
Martina Porschen, Training Leader Postbank Akademie

"Due to the coaching for couples, we could look at our relationship from a completely new perspective and we could discover many new fascets. This welded us together – even more than before"
Sabine Wazinski, Art Director, TIGA Media | Tim Münch, Art Director, CONET Technologies AG

"Again and again the magic of this special situation impresses me. The overall concept is worked out by the two coaches (horses included), both professional as well as animal / human friendly. This is a must!"
Elke Stüber, Stüber Real Estate

"Curious about the method and my personal situation in the baggage I have experienced a very valuable day. My eyes were opened noticeably and in reflection I can say: again and again, highly recommended. Thanks to the coaches for their great support throughout the day."
Melanie Wirsdörfer, Sales and Communication Trainer

"The work with the horses and the two trainers was very interesting and stimulating. Working with the horses and their sensitive response to the mood of humans is always impressive. The subsequent reflection of video analysis from our work also gave me good starting points for further thoughts."
Uta Palme, Postbank, Trainer

"I am still impressed by the professionalism and respect with which the trainers offer the seminars and interact with the participants, as well as the attentive clarity the four-legged co-trainers have dealt with me. I am grateful for the advice I've received about my behavior, my personality and conceivable improvements, as well as the confirmation about the effects of my behavior I only guessed before. The seminars can be used as a first-reflection as well as a helpful review of developments of one's own personality."
Bernd Vollrath, Lawyer, Trainer and Coach

"I had read a lot about the animal-based coaching with horses and wanted to try it myself. The opportunity was now given by Pferdecoaching Eifel. I had high expectations and must say that these were fully met. It is a special way to work on one´s own issue with the help of horses. It touched me very deeply and in critical situations I always think of the gray mare who walked confidently by my side through the course. That gives me strength and confidence. Thanks to both of you for a professionally managed and harmonious day, which was facilitated well from the beginning to the end."
Karen Neubert, Delphin Kommunikation

"All parties, humans and horses, make a very good job. I came home from my coaching with lots of impressions and ideas. And I never thought that even for me, who has no connection to horses at all, this concept is suitable."
Sabine Gloystein, Tax Consultant

"In various parts of my training, whether during my studies or trainings, I learned the topic of leadership / feedback, etc. in theory and worked with it. After five years of project management experience the horse-assisted coaching now offered me the opportunity to analyze my leadership skills and my behavior towards other people - and particularly the non-verbal communication. In addition to the feedback from the participants and the analysis of the situations of the other coachees I was put in an emotionally appropriate situation to question my issue and test how I act. The uninhibited situation – where I could only win, and to get an "impartial mirror" was the right approach to my issue and that is what I took as an added value: it showed me in my strengths and weaknesses in a special way and where I'm going to work on myself."
Timo Marks, Key Account Manager arvato/Bertelsmann

"Participating in the young talents coaching was a great experience. I am deeply impressed how the horses reflected everyone´s own personality. Overall, one can say it has been an amazing day which I can wholeheartedly recommend!"
Alina Ax, student

"The horse-assisted coaching provides a great opportunity to view oneself from a different angle. I am glad of having taken this opportunity and of having learned more about myself through the interaction with the horses."
Imke Franzaring, student

"I would like to thank you for the amazing coaching. I am still touched by the afternoon. As I speak about it I am always surprised it´s been only 3 hours. It felt like a whole week. It´s been a short vacation where you can feel free from stress of everyday life, immersing in a new situation which required my whole attention. In retrospect, it´s been an important component which I took at home: practise doing things consciously and with attention. Many greetings to the horses – especially to Akeem! My new guiding principle is: „I am able to park a horse like Akeem backwards – so any other person who might present some difficulties may come here!"
Heike Stolz, [interim [marketing [mediation]