Why do we use horses?


Benefit from our horses!

Exciting experiences are more impressing and longer lasting than only reading or learning theory. For this reason we get help from our co-trainers - the horses - in our coaching seminars.

Horses are very suitable as co-trainers because they live here and now and they are able to reflect human behavior as a direct reaction in a neutral way. As horses do not have the ability to lie and they are not resentful, they show congruent behavior to every living creature. On the other side human beings often behave incongruently without any consciousness about this fact. In contrast to humans, horses recognize incongruent behavior immediately, and they perceive the smallest nonverbal signals. They give immediate and neutral feedback.

Furthermore, horses possess the following helpful characteristics for individual personal development.

Helpful characteristics our horses:
  • are not impressed by status symbols
  • are unbiased
  • do not interpret
  • give a feeling of appropriate closeness and distance
  • show you your management style in a friendly way