Young talents


Inspired by the results of a student's project work (Hochschule Fresenius, University of Applied Sciences), there was the idea to develop a concept of the horse-assisted coaching specifically tailored to the needs of school-leavers, students and young professionals.

The following issues are focused in the coaching:

  • How do I affect others - e.g. in relation to job interviews?
  • How self-confident am I?
  • How do I assess myself and how do others see me?
  • How do I handle self-expectations?
  • Which strengths do I have?
  • Which resources can I use?
  • How do I handle stress and pressure (e.g. in learning phases)?
  • How do I appear as a leader? -> test to be a leader
  • own issues

Working with exercises especially developed for the coachee - the self image, the perception by others and the self-reflexion are focused. The participants get feedback from the horses, from the coaches and from the other coachees. This is supported by a video analysis and theoretical input.

  • pre-coaching by telephone
  • individual tasks with the horses, depending on the individual topics
  • snacks and drinks
  • DVD with the videos of each coachee
  • certificate of participation
  • follow-up-coaching by telephone
  • price: € 290,-


for further information some of our materials are available for download here

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Pferdecoaching Eifel, Info-Flyer

Pferdecoaching – was ist das?

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Motivierter. Effizienter. Stressfreier.

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